Strategic Radical Transformation: Level 1 - The Device

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Course Description

Namasté Seeker,

Strategic Radical Transformation™ (SRT) is a framework, to living your truest potential on this planet.

SRT™ is built on 6 Cores, it is a 6 step ladder towards a Holistic and Meaningful existence. We use Ancient Spiritual Teachings and Techniques, along with learnings from Modern Science including; Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Quantum Theory, and more, to bring about Strategic Radical Transformation in Seekers from around the world.

This is an evolving and essentially unending course, that will act as an ever-growing guide, which should be referred to time and again.

The Course is designed with sections that flow. The earlier lectures will create a solid foundation, on which we will build advanced concepts in the later lectures.

So, don't skip ahead. Simply follow the flow.

The following is the Course Overview, as it evolves:

Level 1:

  • Introduction to SRT:

    • Orientation

  • The Device ~ Brain Mind Interface:

    • The Brain Setup

    • ‎The Mind Interface

    • The Thought Apps

    • The Everlasting Now

    • Interlude

    • Mindfulness and Awareness

    • Meditation ~ Emptying the Trash

    • Universal Divine Intelligence

Level 2+:

  • ‎myOS ~ Emotions:

    • ‎Feelings

    • The Life Force ~ Breathing (Pranayama)

    • ‎Creating Reality with Emotions

    • Choosing the Emotional Response.

  • ‎The Vessel ~ Body:

    • The Body Brain

    • ‎The 21 Chakra Being

    • Yogaaaah..

    • ‎The Science of Sleep ~ Yoga Nidra

    • Sunshine - Prānā Energy

    • The Science of ‎Cold Showers

  • ‎The Fuel ~ Diet:

    • Ayurveda ~ The other sister

    • Feeding the Body Brain

    • Plant Based Super Fuel

    • The Science of Fasting

  • ‎The Passenger ~ Spirit:

    • Energy of the Omniverse

    • ‎Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

    • GodSelf & The Multiverse Reality

    • Changing the Vessel (Death)

  • ‎The Purpose ~ Liberation:

    • Skill Talent Matrix

    • The Human Organism

Let us Begin the Journey!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Live Ones Truest Potential on this Planet
  2. Find Ones Purpose using Strategic Tools
  3. Ancient Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques
  4. Understand Reality without Filters, and then Influence or Change it!
  5. Insights from Modern Science including; Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Quantum Theory, and more
  6. The Correct approach to Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Health