Structured Note Taking Vol 12: Personal Network Organizer

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Course Description

Are you looking for a simple system to keep track of your contacts?

Then this is the system for you.

This system is designed to keep track of all your contact information.

And to make it highly sortable so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Plus, it integrates with all the other systems in this series and in Mastering Organization so that you can stay organize even with thousands of contacts.

With a system like this, you never again will have to worry about losing touch with someone.

You can enter a new person into the system in under ten seconds, and then you always have a place to store all their information.

Keep track of things like how you first met someone, when you first interacted with them, and how you discovered them in the first place. You can then use that information to look for patterns so that you can more effectively meet the kind of people you want in your life in the future.

As with my other systems, this works whether you are using a physical, digital or hybrid system. And it can be used on any device, whether a desktop, laptop or your mobile phone.

Don't waste money on an expensive or complicated CRM that you don't need.

Use this simple spreadsheet system and get your contact information sorted once and for all.

See you inside,


Expected Outcomes

  1. How to keep track of your contacts
  2. How to use a tagging system to sort your contacts effectively
  3. How to view all your contact data on each person via a automatically filled OnePagerr