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Welcome to the most comprehensive subnetting course! My name is Keith Gebhardt, your instructor.

In this course you will be learning all the important information you need to fully understand IPv4 addressing which is directly related to your Cisco CCNA Exams, or any other IT exams you may be taking. Once you learn the details and key topics, you will learn the tricks and tools which will allow you to subnet any question quickly and accurately!

So what are you waiting for… come on and lets go! YOU WILL MASTER SUBNETTING!

Join the STUDENTS that LEARN and SUCCEED (Reviews are from all of my courses)!

★★★★★   Keith has an engaging teaching style that held my attention very well. I appreciated the practice subnetting questions and the ‘cheat sheet’ that he provides at the end. I would definitely recommend this course and this instructor – in fact I’ve already bought another course from him!

★★★★★  Great course and excellent teaching methodology!

★★★★★  Love the way Keith teaches. He phrases concepts in a manner that is easy to follow and understand!

★★★★★ Great course! Definitely will recommend this to others. If you like non dry material with good overall explanations and not just explanations written from a book, then take this course!

How YOU will LEARN!

This course requires you to be engaged! I teach this course as if you were in an actual classroom environment!

I use whiteboard styled teaching for most of the course just as if you were sitting in a classroom learning the same information. The course is not read from a script, which means you do not listen to me sound like a robot reading material and get bored – I will be speaking to you as if you are sitting in a room with me.

The course expects you to be engaged, taking notes and writing down information as i teach it. Study the information I tell you is important for your exams! 

There will be many parts of this course which I work on addressing problems to help you learn IPv4 addressing and subnetting so you can pass your Cisco certification exam, so you should work on them with me!

I will give you the tools you need to be subnetting pro’s for your Cisco CCNA Exams and for being an IT Professional!

Main topics covered!

  • Binary Conversions
  • Formats of IPv4
  • Subnet Masks
  • IPv4 Calculations
  • Design a subnet based on Network Requirements
  • Design a subnet based on Host Requirements
  • Reverse Engineer Subnets
  • Review/Practice Questions for CCNA

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Thank you for choosing LearnTech Training with myself, Keith Gebhardt, to be your instructor for this course. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – please ask.


Keith Gebhardt

Expected Outcomes

  1. Convert Binary to Decimal
  2. Understand Subnet Masks and their purpose
  3. Calculate IPv4 Addresses
  4. Design Subnets based on Network Requirements
  5. Design Subnets based on Host Requirements
  6. Reverse Engineer Subnets
  7. Understand IPv4 Addressing for CCNA
  8. Understand Subnetting for CCNA