Success through balance

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Course Description

What’s the use of having wealth, knowledge, training, influence or even power when one's life is a mess? Learn to practice balancing rest, race (work), recreation & relationships now!

Powerful tips, practices and tools to live a successful, prosperous and happy life.

Some of the benefits of the course:

  1. Laying the foundation for a balanced life
  2. What destroys balance?
  3. Setting Vision-Mission-Values
  4. Self Finder tool
  5. Setting Strategic and tactical goals
  6. Increase the quality of your life
  7. Have more time for yourself
  8. Learn the secrets to charging your batteries fast
  9. Learn the roles of a leader and a manager
  10. Dealing with people
  11. Handling tasks & projects
  12. Developing the right habits
  13. Getting rid of bad habits
  14. Decision making 101
  15. The foundation to productive meetings

The elements of the course:

  • 50+ lectures
  • 6 exercises
  • Blueprints and
  • much much more

Expected Outcomes

  1. Get down-to-earth, easy-to-use tools to create balance between life and work and between rest and recreation.
  2. Create a road map from carving a vision to achieving your goal
  3. Setting goals and defining the right priorities based on time-place-circumstance
  4. Assess how balanced your life is and what are the main problem indicators
  5. Attain 360 degree balance in all areas of life: rest, race, recreation & relationships