Sunset Watercolor Painting For A Beginner

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Course Description


Sunset painting are some of my favorite subjects and now that I live on the Lake year-round facing the western sky, I get to see amazing ones all year long. This project was inspired by one of them.

I will be sharing a bigger number of demos than normal so that you can practice before we do the project! We will cover some watercolor basics like how much water do I use and how can I remove watercolor paint.

I've broken the class content into easy, manageable steps even for beginners in watercolors, yet there are techniques for the experienced artist too!

This course will give you the skills and materials to develop your own stare worthing painting.

I'll take you through the entire video of my steps and process.

Looking for the supplies, I've made it easy with listing them all in the Bonus Lecture.

We will learn several important concepts like how to create light and fluffy clouds, how to use wet in wet techniques to blend your colors successfully without creating mud. We will also see how to create layers successfully while creating depth and values in your painting.

So if you are ready to create some luscious and colorful skies and a gorgeous view to sit and stare at during those day dreams then let's jump in!

Can't wait to see your finished project!

Kellie Chasse Fine Art

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to Paint a Sunset In Watercolor.
  2. This class teaches you how to create layers, incorporate gouache into your watercolors, and utilize color in ways to effectively create layers to add depth.
  3. This course is for all levels of watercolorist or crafty/creative folks looking to create.
  4. You will be able to achieve the soft skies and create layers of trees and islands for depth.
  5. Learn a wet in wet style, learning how to easily blend your watercolor.
  6. This is a basic short and simple projects filled with short demos and then a full painting scene at the end.