Super easy way to Forgive When You Don't Feel Like Doing It.

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Course Description

Did you know unforgiveness is one of the leading causes of death? Did you also know that as long as there is unforgiveness there can never be peace in your heart? Did you also know that a person full of unforgiveness will most likely not respond well to any plan of healing or wellbeing?

I learnt this subject from my personal experience. I had to forgive my fathers killers and build a pathway to reconciliation. I knew I needed to share valuable lessons with people like you to help you forgive and heal. In this class, you will learn;

What is forgiveness.

What is forgiveness therapy?

How to forgive as a choice and not as a feeling.

Over 75-point self assessment/personal inventory test and Training on forgiveness therapy.

Take a personal inventory on your heart and emotions related to unforgiveness. How healthy are you?

This training is unique because it is like doing a surgery on yourself as well as equipping you to help others do the same for themselves.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Help others with greater understanding of forgiveness.
  2. Help those walk in freedom through forgiveness.