Supercharge Your Energy & Crush Fatigue!

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Course Description

The Total Brain-Body System to Skyrocket Your Energy, Productivity, & Focus!

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- Are you tired of not having enough energy?

- Feeling tired all of the time?

- Feeling like you can't stay productive?

- Do you you feel like you'd be able to accomplish more if only you had more energy?

You're not alone.

Would you like to learn the secrets that high-performance experts and top CEO's use to create tremendous amounts of lasting and consistent energy every single day?

...without relying on caffeine all of the time.

This course will show you exactly how!

In this course you'll learn:

  • The science-based proven strategies elite performers use to create lasting energy without relying on quick fixes.

  • What specific food groups are most important for energy.

  • Learn why getting too much of this 1 type of food group could be killing your energy.

  • How caffeine drains your energy and how to use it properly.

  • Top diet strategies that are showing tremendous results for energy and even help you burn fat!

  • How to optimize your sleep to get more energy the next day.

  • The top strategies that will help you crush stress in it's tracks and keep your body going for hours.

  • Next-Level (ADVANCED) strategies I've used with patients to skyrocket their energy, productivity, and performance.


  • "Once the DOC Salcido, Exceeds expectations, very detailed, explained perfect, well organized, covers multiple topics in such a short time, LEAVING EVERY QUESTION ANSWERED !!!, man I can't wait for his next courses."

    - Solomon S.

  • "This is a very entertaining straight forward coures , not too bland and not to complex , yet very advance and comprehensive teaching . Most definitely life changing and balanced giving you way more than expected and perfectly Organized ."

  • "This course was easy great, engaging, easy to understand and to the point. I look forward to taking other courses from Dr. Salcido."
    - Luis M.

  • "Dr Salcido does a great job a keeping it simple but an awesome job at presenting information!! Enjoyed every minute and have bought additional training (CC2K) he offers just because he is a great presenter of the information."
    - RN Glunt


Dr. Brady Salcido is Udemy Best-Selling Instructor. He is also a Doctor, Entrepreneur, and High-Performance Expert. Dr. Brady provides some of the most high-quality, evidence-based courses available on Udemy.

Dr. Brady maintains a very high 4.7 average rating and has over 930+ positive reviews from his courses!


  1. Interactive Facebook Community to ask questions, gather feedback, and watch LIVE Q&A sessions with the Dr.

  2. Now includes 20 free bodyweight workouts you can do from home.

  3. Now comes with a free productivity guide (Get S*** Done Guide)

Get started INSTANTLY!

Who this course is for:

  • Busy people who need more energy.
  • Someone struggling with chronic fatigue.
  • Anyone looking to be more focused, productive, and energized.

Course content

6 sections • 29 lectures • 2h 30m total length