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Teachers, if you have been overusing PowerPoint as a way to deliver instructional material to students and have looked out on a sea of bored faces and yawns, then you are going to love this class. This class offers you 17 presentation tools to excite students about upcoming units, present information, and provide options for student projects.

In this course, you will find approximately 3 hours of screen casts (videos) introducing you to and showing you how to use each free online program.  You will discover 4 categories of presentation tools ranging from apps that present information in a linear fashion to animation, video, and text presentation programs. And, within each lecture you will also be provided the link to the app site as well as written user guides (if they are available).  Additionally, you will find useful information in the introduction and conclusion.

If you are a teacher looking to more fully engage your students when you present information. this course is for you.  If you are a teacher who is bored with the same old Power Point student projects, this course is definitely for you. Sign up for this course today, and change your method of delivering instruction forever! 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use a variety of presentation tools with ease.
  2. Know which presentation apps to use to build excitement about a new unit.
  3. Create effective, engaging presentations to deliver instruction to students.
  4. Apply what was learned about presentations to your own course materials.
  5. Encourage students to use these programs to create their own presentations for projects.