Teacher Training. How to teach online. A quick, crash course

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Course Description

The world is changing, education is changing, and the way we work is changing. This may have been accelerated by the coronavirus, it may be a necessary change as the late Sir Ken Robinson spoke about in his seminal Ted Talk.

Online teaching and learning need not be something regarded as a second best alternative to face to face delivery. We, as educators have a golden opportunity to step up to the plate and raise the bar. With a few simple tips, techniques and adaptations, we can give the learners a truly rewarding experience. In this course, I aim to help you adapt your delivery to the online world.

You probably don't have time for lengthy professional development courses. In this course, we shall explore the existing skill set you have. How to set up a good base at home to teach from. Some teaching theories which are relevant. How to adapt your existing resources for online delivery. How to find new resources. Above all, we will look at how you apply all of this knowledge to enable you and your learners to move online. This should be a stress-free transition which allows you to maintain your high, professional standards.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to prepare your home classroom
  2. Learn how to set up your workspace and lighting
  3. How to feel comfortable online
  4. How to apply teaching methodologies you already know
  5. New teaching methodologies for an online world
  6. Help your learners to get the most from the online experience