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By The end of this course, if you follow and apply my instructions you will be earning $$$ as an Online ESL Engish Teacher

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Hi, my name is Frazer, I am a 30-Year-old Brit living and working remotely in beautiful Thailand. I am a recruiter of both Online and inhouse Teachers across Asia and the world. I am The founder of a popular blog and job board and the Online English School

Why Should You Teach English Online?

I have been involved in the Online ESL industry for over 7 years and the offline ESL Industry for well over 10. I have been a Teacher, a recruiter and a Teacher Trainer.

This course will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about technology or teaching to be able to earn a full-time income as an English Teacher over the internet.

In the course of over 60 short, direct and easy to follow video lessons, I will cover:

  • what is online Teaching

  • the different types of companies you can work for online

  • How to search out and apply directly with these companies

  • how to optimise a resume, introduction video and boss the Interview!

  • How to go solo, find your own students, take payment and freelance

  • How to create your own website and make your own online English school

  • How to travel and work at the same time and have 100 per cent location freedom 

  • How to both create and teach a killer lesson to kids, adults or groups online (a step by step guide)

  • and much more…..

    As well as the Video lessons I have included the following:

  • an Ebook on getting hired

  • an Ebook on ESL activities for kids

  • an Ebook on creating a great lesson

  • an Ebook on creating a great lesson

  • an example of a perfect resume for getting hired ( I should know, I have looked through thousands as a recruiter and know exactly what the recruiters are looking for)

  • Links to Apply directly with Online Schools I have a partnership with and get fast-tracked through the application process
    Access to a private group full of Online Schools looking for Teachers!

    I put a lot of time and effort into creating this very effective yet affordable course and I hope you like it.

    Looking forward to reading your feedback


Expected Outcomes

  1. How to Teach English Online
  2. How to find, apply to and get hired by Online English Schools
  3. How to Create a Resume that will get you hired (Resume Templates included)
  4. How to Boss your Interviews with Online English Schools
  5. How to Freelance and find Students
  6. How to set up and open your own Online English School
  7. How to set up your laptop and computer for Online Teaching (complete beginners guide)
  8. How to setup, install and use the Online Classroom software
  9. How to Teach Adults Online
  10. How to teach Kids Online
  11. How to make a Passive income Online
  12. How to market yourself through social media
  13. How to create great Video content
  14. How to run Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads to find paying students
  15. and so much more….