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This course offers you an understanding of why you get stressed, the difference between good and bad stress, and techniques to deal with and reduce your stress.

During the course, you will develop an understanding of the underlying courses of stress and the myriad of techniques you can do to reduce and even remove stress in your life. This is a self-help course taught by a professional and certified health and wellness Coach.

Whether you or someone you know suffers from stress that leads to anxiety and/or depression, this course offers advice and techniques on dealing with these issues through step by step ways to work on your stress.

Stress is the gateway mental illness that can lead to anxiety, depression, health problems, and lack of success and self-esteem. Whether you just want to improve your life, reduce stress or help others as a coach, this course uses my “infotainment” technique to help you learn in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the causes of good and bad stress
  2. How stress affects you psychologically
  3. How stress affects you physiologically
  4. Tips on how to handle stress, so it doesn’t lead to further psychological and physiological damage.