TechniTrader Leading Hybrid Indicator Trading

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Course Description

Training for Experienced Traders of Stocks & Options

New to the Market? See our Beginner's Video at the TechniTrader Website

In this course you will learn how important it is to identify the current market condition, which exposes the price patterns that are going to be most successful, the indicators that perform best, and the market participants that are dominating the trading activity. Learn from Martha Stokes, CMT how to set up leading hybrid indicator tool kits that can significantly improve your trading results.

Watching this video you will learn:

  • The New Market Structure of High Frequency Trading Firms and Dark Pools.
  • The Market Participant Cycle & Market Condition Analysis and how this impacts price action.
  • How and why to choose indicators for different Market Conditions.
  • Why new Technical patterns are forming.
  • New Candlestick Patterns.

TechniTrader® is a stock market education company teaching all levels of experience.

We've been teaching independent traders and investors, from beginners to professionals, since 1998. The vocational education provided by TechniTrader is complete with video training, written study guides, tests and required practice on a trading simulator, plus ongoing support.

Yes, you will only receive introductory material for a nominal fee, or for free. If you want a serious education that has the potential to pay for itself in a matter of a few months, check out our full-bore courses.

TechniTrader courses teach you first about how the stock market works and the current market structure, which is very different from the stock market of the 1980s. Then, you will learn how to analyze a stock chart and the various aspects of technical analysis as well as risk analysis that you must do in order to choose the right stocks to achieve your financial goals. Along the way, you will learn about trade management and how to use charting tools to find stocks that are ideal for your trading parameters and risk tolerance. Finally, you will gain access to the TechniTrader Online Campus, which is private to TechniTrader students only. There you can access online help and subscribe to our market guidance services if you wish.

Why do so many professionals and experienced traders say that TechniTrader® is the BEST Education for stock traders and professionals? Because we are the only educational company that teaches from the professional perspective. We are retired professionals and our viewpoint is completely different than a retail trader who sells his personal strategy for extra income to other retail traders.

As professionals with educational backgrounds, our courses are structured in the same way you would learn at a university. We do not teach mere strategies, or just one indicator. What we teach is a complete process for trading. By combining what you have already learned with our comprehensive process, you are quickly able to increase your profitability while minimizing your risk.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of market conditions on indicator selection
  2. Learn which indicators lead price and why
  3. Set up your own trading platform to achieve stronger results