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Everybody knows that nutrition can have a huge impact on tennis performance, yet so many players are getting it wrong! Not eating or drinking the right things on the court, running out of gas in the third set, not recovering properly between matches, or cramping that could have been prevented by better nutrition. 

I am a sports dietitian who works with high-level tennis players including Grand Slam winners as well as up and coming pros, juniors, and club players. Having also spent time as a college tennis coach, I know that getting players to try new things can be a major challenge. I also know that budget plays a role in the foods coaches can provide for players as well as in the choices players make on their own. With all of that in mind, this course was set up to offer easy to implement solutions, without being burdened by complicated plans or being told to eat things you don’t like!

Years of both research and practical experience in tennis have allowed me to create a course that offers coaches and players an understanding of the key sports nutrition concepts in a format that is easy to follow. Topics are broken down into short modules that can be viewed over a period of days or weeks, and you won’t need a nutrition degree to understand it and take away helpful information that will improve your results. 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Why so many tennis players are getting things wrong when it comes to nutrition
  2. Easy to implement strategies that have been tested and lead to better results
  3. Why water might be a bad choice on the tennis court
  4. How to maintain energy through 3-set matches – even if you usually crash
  5. How sleep can affect tennis serving accuracy
  6. Find supplements that can improve performance and recovery, but are safe and legal
  7. Why girls should train and fuel differently at different times of the month
  8. How to not just manage playing in the heat, but actually use it to your advantage
  9. How to best manage frequent traveling and minimize jet lag