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The field of software engineering long ago created the idea of the 10x developer:  superior individuals who are better than their peers in virtually every aspect of their profession and routinely produce significantly better results. We will explore the reality of such individuals and potential downsides of their ability to produce such extraordinary results. We will introduce the counter example of the 1x developer: the average every day individual. We will examine the qualities of these 1x developers and their potential benefits in a team oriented environment. Finally, we will compare and contrast how these qualities may apply to the field of behavior analysis.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The definition of a 10x developer from the field of software development
  2. How the idea of the 10x developer has been challenged over the years
  3. How the idea of the 10x developer can be applied to the field of behavior analysis
  4. Introduction of the idea of the 1x behavior analyst
  5. The qualities embodied by the 1x behavior analyst