The 7 Gates To Your Tranquility Zone

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Course Description

Tranquility is as natural to each of us as breathing. Yet, over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and many will spend many years and personal fortunes attempting to overcome its toxic control so they can lead the emotionally healthy lives they deserve.

Your Tranquility Zone is a life transforming course, developed by Shaya Ostrov, L.C.S.W, that offers you the road to freedom from the crippling effects of anxiety by providing you with the tools to accessing the powerful yet gentle force of tranquility that resides quietly at the very center of our deepest selves. Your Tranquility Zone is the innate power of your emotional immune system waiting to be tapped, that will bring true relief from the ever present challenge of anxiety on our lives.

Through this program you will discover this power within as you master The Seven Gates of Personal Empowerment which will open this wonderful gift waiting at the center of us all.

The Seven Gates of Personal Empowerment you will learn are:

  1. Awareness of your Five Dimensions of Self

  2. The Art and Power of Centering

  3. The Three Principles of Transforming Thought

  4. Your Pulse Of Life

  5. Your Inner Circle

  6. The Power of your Breath

  7. The Transforming Power of Walking

Expected Outcomes

  1. Acquire and internalize 7 skills toward cultivating and accessing their Tranquility Zone