The 7 Simple Statements Successful Artists Live By

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Course Description

Ever wonder why some artists succeed and others don’t? What they could possibly know that’s giving them an edge? I have. So I asked.

I polled a wide range of fine artists who are earning a living and reaching their goals, along with arts professionals who work closely with successful artists. I distilled their responses, along with twenty years of my own experience and observations, and a clear list of "7 simple statements successful artists live by" emerged.

Each section in this course describes a statement successful artists live by, outlines why its valuable and offers suggestions for how you can begin making it work for you today and ongoing. The accompanying workbook includes questionnaires and worksheets to help you clarify, take action and keep track of your progress

Whether this is all new information or a new way to look at familiar concepts, you'll complete this course armed with inspiration and tangible to do's to give your career development efforts a jolt.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn the 7 simple statements successful artists live by.
  2. You will be able to implement these concepts into your own life to benefit your fine art career.