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Dreams are awesome! Goals are motivating! A PLAN is essential! The 7 Step Business Plan That Writes Itself is designed to give you the essential guide to creating a blueprint for your business. Through creative writing and journaling, this course is crafted to alleviate the fear usually connected to writing a business plan. This course is designed for everyone from the creative entrepreneur ready to launch a new business to the seasoned business person looking to take their organization in a new direction. This course will tap into your professional goals and personal passion without bogging you down with task of writing one huge document at once. In the end, lecture exercises and journal entries will be the source material for a finished business plan. At the conclusion of this course, your business plan will have written itself.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write a focused and dynamic Business Plan for your Passionate Idea
  2. Develop a Fundraising Campaign
  3. Construct a Budget
  4. Devise a Project Calendar
  5. Execute a Plan of Action