The Advanced Self-Healing Road-Map

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Course Description

Dr. Joe Marshalla has had several catastrophic health opportunities from which he has miraculously recovered. These health opportunities have included several near death experiences, several death experiences, 6 coronary bypasses, 3 strokes, coma, amnesia, subclavian bypass, paralysis and a whole host of conditions that most people never fully recover from.

However, to the surprise of all his doctors, surgeons and specialists, he has fully recovered from these extraordinary health experiences and is stronger and healthier than ever.

Dr. Joe states, "My recovery was not a miracle... it was by design... and this "Design" is exactly what is shared and taught in this class."

Dr. Joe skillfully takes the students through the science, philosophies, conditions, tools and systems involved in the process of self-healing and then teaches how to implement these into our lives and/or current health challenges.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning the latest science and philosophies in how the body heals itself and how one can assist their body in doing so.

Course content

2 sections • 12 lectures • 2h 38m total length
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Bestselling Author, Philosopher and Teacher
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Dr. Joe is a deeply passionate and actualized man. He has dedicated his life to the service of All Life - as is evidenced in his body of work.

He is endorsed by Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Harold Bloomfield, John Demartini, NY Times, Oprah Reading Group, Spirit Science, and many more. He is considered one of our current thought leaders and a living genius.

In his own words... I live my life in a continuous exploration into the depths of the human/spiritual/science experience.

I am constantly looking for, and exercising ways of bringing deeper understandings about life to everyone so that we all can experience greater peace, love and harmony in this world.

I'm the bestselling author of: REPEATLESSNESS - An Owner's Manual for the Human Mind I'm a philosopher, scientist, teacher, course designer, lecturer, counselor, father, grandfather, environmentalist, sustainability advocate, and seasoned musician... all inside a walking, talking, vibrant and radiant, ambulatory water balloon. Ha!

My main talent in life is assisting people in deeply examining all the aspects of their perceptions and their beliefs about their lives in order to help them discover, and then empower, their true authentic self.

Recently, I was honored when my book was chosen by Spirit Science as one of the Top 5 Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Perspective of Reality.

Thank you Spirit Science.



Dr. Marshalla is featured in over 20 documentary films and lectures. His teachings have been viewed by over 20 million people worldwide and he is recognized as one of the visionary consciousness leaders of our time.

Dr. Joe is a living example of what one person can do while in the service of others, and he continues to live his life finding and implementing inner and outer environmental solutions for all of humanity.

His spiritual, philosophical, scientific and psychological explanations and insights on the current human condition are like no other in evidence today. His thoughts and models provide an overview of the current evolutionary transition upon us, and assist one in finding and applying their contextual authentic expression within, with and to the self and the extended self of humanity.

He’s been described as a living genius, legend and visionary. He has been awarded and given many accolades and honors.. yet he likes to think of himself as the average Joe.

He's responsible for discovering a new law about our reality called The Law of Repeatlessness that supersedes and governs all other laws within our perceptual, psychological and spiritual reality. As a result of this law, his subsequent conclusions and explanations about life in relation to modern thought, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics is to the best of our knowledge, unparalleled.

With over 21 million people following his work, Dr. Joe has found a note that everyone can sing. His only agenda is finding every possible avenue of expression to bring us all together, at least in thought, so that we may converse and interact in balance within ourselves, with each other and with all of life in the environment.

His work is to find and then convey the fundamental, quintessential understandings required to assist in the transformation of our species. He rigorously studies all current emerging patterns in our behavioral schematics as a species, and then applies the current scientific, philosophic, anthropological, and spiritual understandings he’s gleaned from a lifetime of committed study with each of the sciences and philosophies, as well as his unique perspective due to his death experiences.

He write books, produces videos, creates tools, participates in public forums and public actions and spends every waking hour assisting everyone he can to truly understand themselves and each other.