The Amazing Career Project - Video Training Course

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Course Description

Hello and welcome to The Amazing Career Project video course! This course is designed to give professional women around the world a simple, proven and highly effective process that helps you take the 16 most essential steps to building a successful, rewarding career you'll love, on your terms. I'm thrilled to share that this course has earned the high ranking of 9.3/10 by CourseMarks and ranks in the TOP 5% of 94,680 courses!

I'm Kathy Caprino, your teacher in this course. I'm an international women's career, executive and leadership coach, former corporate VP, trained marriage and family therapist, and Forbes Senior Contributor, and the host of the podcast Finding Brave, ranked as a Top 100 Apple Career Podcast. I'm also the author of the new book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss. My deepest passion is helping professional women "dig deep, discover their right work and illuminate the world with it."

In this course, you'll be guided through the 16 most essential steps to building an amazing and rewarding career of significance. With 16 online video modules PLUS 16 tailored homework assignments designed in an effective sequential 16-week curriculum that fits into your busy life, you'll be guided through all that you need to know to improve your career and strengthen your confidence, self-esteem, power and impact. You’ll finally be able to make the important changes you've been longing for in your career. And those important shifts will transform both your professional and personal life!

Leveraging my 35+ years of high-level professional training and experience, and my work as a writer, speaker, researcher and media expert on women's career and leadership issues, this course offers a specialized blend of support and information that will transform how you see yourself and how you operate in the world, so you can build exponentially more success, happiness and reward (both financial and emotional) doing work you are proud of, with people you respect, for outcomes that matter most to you.

Take the steps you need to this year to boost your success, impact and happiness in the work you do in the world.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Course members will learn the 16 most essential steps to building a successful, rewarding and impactful career of significance that they'll love and be proud of. They'll be guided through actions that will help them reclaim the direction of their careers to reach their highest, most thrilling potential. Students will also learn: 1) How to identify the best roles for you, 2) determine if it's time to change careers or pivot, 3) build a powerful support network, 4) negotiate and advocate for yourself to earn more money, 5) market yourself in compelling ways and build an impressive personal brand, 6) speak more confidently about your work, 7) identify the work outcomes you want to achieve most, and more!