The Basics of Personal Finance - Master Your Money!

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Course Description

Is this course for you?

If you know little about personal finance and don't consider yourself financially literate then yes! Whether you are younger or older there is never a bad time to begin learning about personal finance. This course is the perfect launch pad for you to start your journey toward taking control of and mastering your finances.

What will you learn?

  • How to build a budget from scratch that you can access and edit from any device
  • Which expenses to cut and how to cut them
  • How to maximize your savings every pay period
  • The simple three step process to increasing your net worth and building wealth, regardless of your income level
  • What good and bed debt is and how to pay off your debt efficiently
  • The basics of investing and the different kinds of investments you can make
  • How to make your money work for you
  • How to increase your income
  • What financial pitfalls and mistakes to avoid (that most people don't even realize are mistakes!)
  • How to build and maintain strong financial habits that will help you years into the future

Why choose this course?

I am just a normal guy who has been extremely passionate about my own personal finance since I was 17. When I was 17 I began meticulously budgeting and that is also the year I moved into a place of my own due to my extreme thirst for independence. I now and have many years experience of budgeting and planning my own personal finances. My parents weren't rich and I grew up lower-middle class. I didn't have things given to me growing up and learned the value of a dollar early on in life. I am just a regular guy with extraordinary skills at mastering my own finances.

My friends have asked in the past how I can afford to be investing and taking vacations at such a young age. It's not because I make a lot more money than them, it's because I have more financial knowledge than them. I have enjoyed teaching them the basics of personal finance and that is what led me to create this course, my love for teaching others how to take the proper actions to get on top of their finances. I created this course because it pains me to see so many others struggle with their finances because of terrible financial decisions that seem to be the social norm. I believe everyone should know how to be the master of their finances, not the other way around. This course is my way of taking action toward that goal. If you want to take the first steps toward financial stability and setting yourself up for success then you absolutely must take this course!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to build, edit, and personalize a budget that you can take with you anywhere using Google Sheets.
  2. How to cut expenses and maximize your savings.
  3. Avoid financial pitfalls that many people fall victim to.
  4. Build a solid foundation of financial knowledge from which to build upon in the future.
  5. The three simple steps to building their net worth.
  6. What investing is and about different types of investments.
  7. Stop being stressed out about money.
  8. The most effective way to eliminate your debt.