The Complete Advanced Human Resources Diploma

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Course Description

The Complete Advanced Human Resources Diploma

HR professionals need to be familiar with laws governing common HR functions, such as managing employee sick leave and dealing with grievances. Failure to deal with HR issues in a timely manner can lower employee morale, impair productivity, increase turnover, drive up costs and even result in legal action. An ineffective HR department can also damage a company’s reputation. This bundle addresses key HR functions and how to handle challenges familiar to all HR professionals. These courses offer practical guidance to help you deal with sensitive matters in a tactful manner, bring disputes to a satisfactory close, clarify employees’ responsibilities and job roles, and help employees achieve a work-life balance.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following:
  • Introduction to Contracts of Employment Certificate
  • Discipline & Grievance Certificate
  • Parental Rights Certificate
  • Sick Leave Certificate

Introduction to Contracts of Employment Certificate

When a new employee starts their job with a company, both parties will rely on a contract of employment to outline the terms and conditions governing the nature of the work and the rate of compensation. Contracts do not have to be written on paper, but it is common practice to draw up a formal written document. In this course, you will learn what should be covered in a contract of employment, the details an employer must report to HMRC when a new worker starts with their company and how the PAYE system facilitates payment for work completed. The course also addresses the impact of a worker’s status on the content of a contract and what happens if either party breaches the terms and conditions.

Discipline & Grievance Certificate

When an employee breaches the terms and conditions of their employment or raises a grievance at work, it is the employer’s responsibility to abide by their company’s discipline and grievance policies. Consistent and fair disciplinary protocols are essential in the maintenance of a pleasant and productive working environment. In this course, you will learn how to adopt a progressive approach to workplace discipline, how to conduct an appropriate and balanced disciplinary hearing, how to draw up fair policies, how to manage grievances on a formal and informal basis, and how to audit your procedures. You will learn how to adopt a proactive approach that will help resolve problems early on.

Parental Rights Certificate

The majority of employees will have at least one child at some point during their working lives, making parental rights a key issue for businesses. UK workers can elect to take Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave. They are usually eligible for paid and unpaid leave. In this course, you will learn about employee entitlement and employer obligations under the law with regards to parental leave. The course will provide you with an overview of the benefits available to parents, how to calculate pay and time off work and the circumstances in which they can take unplanned, unpaid leave to care for close family members.

Sick Leave Certificate

All employees will fall sick from time to time, so every employer needs to be aware of the laws governing sick pay, self-certification, sick leave. They also need to be aware of best practices when welcoming an employee back to work. In this course, you will develop an understanding of how Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) works and how much an employee is entitled to receive. You will learn how and when someone can self-certify and the role of “fit notes” in coordinating SSP and sick leave. The course addresses the sensitive issue of dismissal following ill health and offers guidance on making reasonable adjustments for employees returning to work.

The Benefits of Our Advanced HR Bundle

  • The knowledge contained within these courses will help improve your compliance with legislation
  • You will learn how to deal with any complaints in a swift and professional manner
  • You will learn how to build a positive company culture
  • You will improve employee satisfaction and retention
  • If you are an employee, this course will teach you about your rights at work