The Complete Course on Blockchain and Bitcoin for 2021

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Course Description

Over 10,000 students have already taken this bestselling and highly rated course.

Welcome to this Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Masterclass that will teach you everything you need to understand Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a technical level and assess their business impact in 2021!

This course enable you and your clients to make better blockchain-related business decisions. It will also provide an introduction to buying, storing and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There are a couple of other course options on this topic out there, but this is without doubt the most effective and comprehensive course on the market. This is why:

  • Comprehensive syllabus, covering Blockchain fundamentals, technical intuitions and practical tips for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  • Focus on business perspective, discussing use cases and providing insights into how blockchains can transform industries

  • Relevant and current material - the Blockchain world is constantly changing, this course will keep you up to date

  • Constantly updated with new material and examples

  • High-quality closed captions / subtitles - not the computer-generated gibberish most other courses have

We are experienced business leaders with a deep understanding Blockchain technology.

  • Heinrich was a Project Lead at McKinsey with extensive work experience in digital technology. He now works as CTO in a German company. Heinrich is also a lecturer at the St. Gallen MBA programm.

  • Jens is an Entpreneuer and former manager at Palantir Technologies and Amazon. He started his career at McKinsey and has first hand experience on how Blockchains transform businesses

Understand Blockchains on a technical level and form an opinion about its business merits! No matter if you are a young consultant, a software engineer, an entrepreneur or a student who wants to learn more about Blockchain, we will teach you the ins and outs about Blockchain and its most relevant applications.

These are some of the topics that we will cover:

  • What is money and how do cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum compare

  • How do Blockchains work on a technical level

  • What are consensus mechanisms like Proof of Work and Proof of Stake

  • Understand Blockchain forks, like Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

  • Detailed discussion of relevant Blockchain use cases and business impact

  • Practical guide on how to buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

  • Outlook on next generation Blockchains

We are very much looking forward to teaching you these exciting Blockchain and cryptocurrency skills for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano and the like in this course.


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Here is what students say about our course:

"I have done some lectures about this topic myself and I wanted to find a course worth sharing with people in those weird pandemic times. I strongly recommend taking it if you want to have some basic understanding both from technical perspective and business use cases."

- Jakob

"Very good course that covers all relevant topics, from the basics to in-depth knowledge."

- Dominik

"Amazing! This is a great course to take your first steps into the blockchain world. The course covers all the basics and is presented in a very simple way for everyone and anyone to understand. Great job!"

- Santosh

"This is a very useful and introductory course for the Block chain technology. The material is very well presented and structured. Strongly recommended for anyone who is interested in getting an intro to block chains"

- Ramakrishnan

"Great course, very good for getting a base understanding of how Blockchains work. I already had some prior knowledge of the topic and still learned a lot!"

- Justus

"This course is a great tool to get a historical development and fundamental understanding of Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, primarily BitCoin. Thank you for creating a great course that is a effective tool to get caught up on the "Crypto" trend."

- Bohdan

"It was a really great ground-laying introduction to the core concepts. Very well explained"

- Arwed

any many hundreds more..

Join us now - we look forward to help you get into the Blockchain & Bitcoin world!

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody interested in understanding the concepts of the Blockchain
  • Investors interested in cryptocurrencies and underlying mechanics
  • Business professionals wanting to learn Blockchain use cases for their industries
  • Students eager to build a technical intuition of how Blockchains work
  • Developers that want to understand the basics of Blockchain and the intuition behind it

Course content

7 sections • 36 lectures • 2h 58m total length
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