The Complete Customer Service Diploma

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Course Description

The Complete Customer Service Diploma

In an age of increasing competition, outstanding customer service has never been more important. Your customers expect you to take care of their wants and needs at every step of the buying journey. In this bundle, you will learn how to understand and communicate with customers across several different platforms, including email and telephone. You will discover how to placate difficult customers, hone your communication skills to resolve problems and ensure that they return in the future. Delivering a high-quality service can be challenging. These courses acknowledge the realities that come with dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis and will allow you to approach your role with confidence. You will discover how best to handle confrontation, which will reduce your stress levels at work.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following:
  • Caring For Customers’ Needs Certificate
  • Communication Basics Certificate
  • Customer Retention Certificate
  • Electronic Customer Service Certificate
  • Email Etiquette Certificate
  • Face to Face Customer Service Certification
  • Rescuing Difficult Customers Certificate
  • Telephone Customer Service Certificate

Caring For Customers’ Needs Certificate

To win over their customers, a business needs to consistently meet – and ideally, exceed – their expectations. Customers expect that the companies with which they do business will take an active interest in their needs, respond to their feedback and take proactive steps in solving their problems. However, consistently catering to customer demands requires a considerable level of skill. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills you need to build a strong rapport with customers that will foster their loyalty and improve your sales.

Communication Basics Certificate

Communication is the art of transmitting and receiving messages, whether verbally or via body language. It’s essential for your success in the workplace, because it forms the basis of positive business relationships. However, lots of us struggle to understand what other people are saying, which can result in misunderstandings. With regards to customer service, communication is key in order to appreciate a customer’s needs and problems. This course will teach you the basic theory underlying good communication and show you how you can harness them to improve relationships with customers.

Customer Retention Certificate

It is easier to sell products and services to existing customers than it is to recruit new ones, so it’s in every business’ best interest to learn the art of client retention. If you work in a customer service role, you need to understand how to discuss and resolve any grievances. A dissatisfied customer is unlikely to make future purchases and, if they feel particularly unhappy, can have a detrimental effect on your reputation. This course will provide you with an insight into how successful companies work with customers to resolve problems and how your attitude has a direct bearing on the outcome of a tense situation.

Electronic Customer Service Certificate

These days, most customers expect businesses to provide some form of electronic customer service. This usually takes the form of email, although live chat is becoming increasingly common. Electronic customer service allows you to keep a paper trail of interactions with customers, which is useful in the event of a dispute. To offer the best possible electronic customer service experience, you need a solid grasp of netiquette, written communication and the general rules that underlie customer service. This course will show you how these pillars fit together.

Email Etiquette Certificate

If you are offering electronic customer service, you will need to master the art of communicating via email. Although email is relatively simple to use, you need to observe standard email etiquette to avoid offending or frustrating your customers. In this course, you will learn how to write and process emails in a professional manner that presents your business in a positive light.

Face to Face Customer Service Certification

Even in this digital era, face to face customer service remains an essential skill for workers in many industries. You may need to provide customer support, resolve a complaint, or discuss the best solution for their needs. In order to provide them with a good experience, you will need to use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to understand their perspective. This course will show you how to use your tone of voice, body language and other cues to ensure smooth, productive interactions with all your customers.

Rescuing Difficult Customers Certificate

No matter how efficient your business, you will occasionally have to work with dissatisfied customers who have a problem with a product or service. Unfortunately, some of these customers may be impolite or even hostile. You may have heard these people described as “difficult customers,” and dealing with them requires a special set of skills. This course will help you develop the communication skills, attitude and demeanour necessary to ensure a positive outcome. You will learn how to detect and manage interpersonal tension, minimising both your stress levels and those of your customers.

Telephone Customer Service Certificate

When delivering telephone-based customer service, you will need to demonstrate strong verbal communication skills – you cannot rely on non-verbal cues and you do not have the time to write a carefully-considered email or chat response. Telephone customer service may be the only point of contact for customers, so it is imperative that all employees of a business know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner on the telephone. This course will help you and your colleagues identify customer needs, take a proactive approach to customer service and work with them to discover the best solution.

The Benefits of Our Customer Service Bundle

  • This bundle will give you all the tools you need to play your part in driving sales
  • These courses contain practical strategies that sales people in all sectors can use
  • If you are looking to be promoted at work, this bundle will help you ascend the ladder by improving your results and increasing your job satisfaction
  • You will learn how to ensure a great customer experience every time, which in turn will generate repeat business