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My name is Jak Bradley and I have over 10 years experience and DJed all across the world, with my current Club residency in the party resort of Malia, Greece. I have DJed alongside Joel Corry, James Hype, Endor, Meduza, Sammy Porter, Kideko, Judge Jules and many more.

In this course, I teach you all the techniques I use in my own DJ sets so you too can become a professional DJ.

Learn by Doing – 7 Free Downloadable Tracks

Included in this course are the same 7 tracks that I use to demonstrate the techniques, making it easier for you to play along and understand.

Learn on any Equipment

All the skills taught in this course work across the board. Most DJ equipment have a similar layout and the same features, so no matter what equipment you have, you can still apply these skills.

On-Demand Video Lectures

Pause, rewind and fast-forward as much as you like. Learn at your own pace, in your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

Instructor Assistance

If you need any extra help, I am always here. Drop me a message and I will help you the best I can.

10 Steps to Success

I have carefully designed this course to take you step by step though the correct learning process in the most efficient way possible. Learning all the most important skills that you need to become  DJ.

1.  What Everything Does – We go through what all the buttons and dials do on your decks and software.

2.  The Library & Track Analysis – Before we play our tracks, we make sure they are correctly set up and organised.

3.  The Structure of Music – Knowing how music is structured is the key to planning our mixes

4.  Beat matching & Sync – We make sure we can line the beats up perfectly to avoid the awful double beating

5.  Headphones – We learn how to listen to both tracks separately and together in our headphones and why we need to do this.

6.  Timing – We practice the best times to mix our tracks for perfect sounding mixes

7.   Mixing – Once the tracks are perfectly timed, we can practice using the equalizers to smoothly blend the tracks.

8.  Cue Points – We look at different ways to use cue points to jump to different parts of our tracks during mixing

9.   Loops – We get more creative with mixing by using the loop feature

10.  Effects – We go over which are the most popular effects and the best times to use them

New Extra Advanced Lectures – After taking students feedback on board, I have added extra lectures that include advanced mixing tutorials you can practice and how I prepare my tracks before my gigs

This proven system is perfect for any beginner who is serious about becoming a DJ.

“The structure of the lessons themselves are great and easy to follow, the tutor has planned this out very well and any beginner can pick this up and follow along as I have managed to.” – John Purdie

If this sounds like you, look no further and take the plunge to becoming a DJ today!

See you on the course!

Jak Bradley

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn what all the buttons, dials and visuals do on your decks & software
  2. How to time two tracks correctly to have perfect transitions
  3. How to analyze your tracks and arrange your library to help you select the best tracks
  4. Broken down into 10 essential steps to speed up the learning process!
  5. You can learn at your own pace and re-watch the lectures as much as you like
  6. You will learn the art of beat matching and how to use the sync feature for faster mixing
  7. How to use the rule of 32 in modern day music
  8. How and when to use your effects and how to get the most out of them
  9. How to use the loop feature to be more creative
  10. How to use the equalizers to blend your tracks smoothly
  11. How to set your cue points and use them in more ways than one
  12. You will learn when to use your headphones and why you need them
  13. Why not scroll down to Course Content and watch the bonus mix for free. This shows you all the awesome techniques and skills you will learn on this course!