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The COMPLETE Forex Trading Guide For Beginners course contains EVERYTHING you need to know about the world of Forex trading to become a successful and profitable Forex trader!

Whether you are a complete beginner with no background in Forex trading, or have some prior knowledge in the Forex markets, this course is sure to provide you with the complete Forex trading toolkit to successfully navigate the Forex markets.

In this course I cover everything from the basics of Forex trading to more advanced techniques and strategies used by Forex traders around the world. I discuss in detail Forex Terminology, Analyzing Charts, Price Action, Bulls vs. Bears, News Events, Buying and Selling Currencies, Market Psychology, and much more with almost 9 hours of educational material.

By the end of this course you will know how the foreign exchange market works, the different currencies available to trade, as well as the different trading sessions that take place throughout the day.

You will also have a clear understanding of the Forex terminology used by traders around the world like: pips, spreads, lots, leverage, margin, and much more!

You will be able to successfully analyze the different currency pairs by performing technical analysis on the charts, as well as being able to read and interpret the economic calendar to take advantage of global news events.

You will be able to navigate two of the most popular and widely used trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and Tradingview, as well as how to choose the best Forex broker to open a trading account with and to start trading.

I also go into extensive detail with regards to creating your very own trading plan, risk management, as well as the role your psychology plays in your trading success!

This course will tremendously shorten your learning curve and will help you avoid the mistakes that 90% of new traders make!

The content of this course will continue to grow as I add more and more lecturesat no additional cost to you!

When you enroll in this course:

  • you get full lifetime access to the course content

  • have access to all additional lectures added to the course

  • as well as lifetime access to the Q&A section

So if you are ready to take the first step on your way to mastering the art of Forex trading, then enroll in this course today!

I look forward to connecting with you inside!

– Gerrit

Expected Outcomes

  1. Have a COMPLETE understanding of how the Forex markets work
  2. Understand the Forex terminology used by traders around the world
  3. How to choose the best Forex broker, to open a trading account and how to start trading
  4. How to navigate and place trades on the most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4
  5. How to open and close trades with MetaTrader 4
  6. How to place stop loss and take profit levels in the market to exit a trade
  7. Have a full understanding of how to use Tradingview for your market analysis
  8. How to trade different chart patterns: triangles, wedges, double tops, flag patterns, and much more
  9. How to read price action on the charts and to apply it to your trading
  10. How to use the economic calendar to find important news events that impact the Forex markets
  11. How to incorporate proper risk management to your trading to minimize losses
  12. Why your personality, lifestyle and psychology effects your trading ability and success in the Forex markets
  13. Be able to implement 4 different trading strategies to help you become a profitable Forex trader
  14. The typical trading routine of a full time Forex trader