The Complete Guide: Achieving Success in College and Beyond

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Course Description

You were born to thrive!

Successful students are made not born.

The consequences of NOT graduating college on time and of not learning the skills, strategies, and habits you need to achieve academic, professional and personal success could cost you a great deal.

My goal is to teach you the strategies, habits, and skills you need to achieve success in college and beyond. You will become a strategic thinker, confident, memorable, and influential.

College education should be fun, inspiring, and rewarding.

My Approach:

  • Action ready - apply what you learn immediately in the real world

  • Science based - we know it will work for you as it did for me and for million of people

  • Fun and entertaining - teaching and learning should be fun

  • Empowering - knowledge is power and with it you can change the world

How This Course Will Change Your Life:

  • You will discover your values and passions and use it to build your future

  • You will learn how to plan and set goals the SMART way

  • You will become a confident

  • You will become empowered to go after what you want

  • You will learn the strategies and skills to achieve anything in life

    We will take care of these "challenges" once and for all:

  • Set goals inspired by your values and interests

  • Low Confidence - Increase your confidence and speak up for what you believe

  • Low Grades - You'll learn the habits you need to get anything done

  • Feeling Less Smart - "Feeling Smart" it's all perception

  • Being Afraid to Speak Up - Not anymore

  • Fear of speaking in public - You'll become a professional speaker if you really want - it's all about practice and hard work

  • Low Energy Level - Manage time and your energy and you'll never run out of it

  • Replace I can't with I CAN - Mindsets of winners - you'll learn how to become one yourself

  • Believe that YOU deserve to be happy, healthy and successful - Believe it and you'll achieve it

What People Are Saying About Val:

"Taking courses with Val has empowered me to overcome my fears of public speaking. I learned how to set goals, and live my life with purpose and intention... based on my values. It is incredible. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. I'm forever grateful to her.


"I love Val's teaching style - dynamic, empowering and realistic. You'll learn what college is not teaching you - how to think, plan, and achieve anything. You'll have an opportunity to design your success based on what you want and what makes you happy or someone else will do it for you. Excellent course."


"This course should be mandatory in college but it is not. So if you want to save time and money, increase your confidence level, communication skills and think strategically about how you live your life, then this is for you. You'll be so happy you did. Professor Val is amazing!"


Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify your values and identity and design a plan for success in college, work, and in life
  2. Learn the habits, strategies, and behaviors that will enhance academic performance
  3. Cultivate a growth mindset that will build resilience, perseverance and a "I CAN do it" attitude
  4. Plan and accomplish goals specific to your needs and interests
  5. Develop awareness by using a self-reflection journal, which will improve wellbeing and self-worth
  6. Learn how to be proactive and take action every day to become successful in college and beyond
  7. Apply proven strategies and skills to complete your courses faster
  8. Learn to manage expectations and overcome challenges