The Complete Sales Skills Diploma

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Course Description

The Complete Sales Skills Diploma

A business may create and offer outstanding products and services, but if their sales team aren’t performing at a high level, they will miss out on revenue. Telephone and face to face sales are still relevant in the 21st century; customers still like to do business with live human beings who can answer their questions, discuss their needs and negotiate complex contracts. This bundle will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a salesperson. You will learn how to identify and overcome common objections, how to develop a winning attitude that will help you close more deals and how to understand the psychological processes that underpin consumer decision-making.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following:
  • Cold Calling Certificate
  • Handling Objections & Overcoming Barriers To Sales Certificate
  • How to Programme Your Mind for Success Certificate
  • Skills to Succeed at Selling Certificate
  • The Four P’s of Marketing Certificate

Cold Calling Certificate

Cold calling does not enjoy a positive reputation, but it remains an effective means of making sales. The majority of people will not agree to a sale, but a minority will consider your proposal. This course will teach you how to become a successful cold caller. You will learn how to anticipate objections, how to make unsolicited calls without breaking the law and how to use positive communication to build a rapport with your lead. The course will also teach you eight steps you can take to boost your chances of making a sale and outline how you can maintain an upbeat, positive attitude.

Handling Objections & Overcoming Barriers to Sales Certificate

The best salespeople do not see objections as obstacles; instead, they are merely problems to be solved or a sign that the customer needs further information. This course will teach you how to overcome barriers to a sale by understanding your customers’ wants and needs, asking the right questions and establishing your credibility. You will learn about the most common objections you will encounter as a salesperson, how to prevent and overcome misunderstandings, how to handle complaints following a sale and the correct order in which to tackle problems or questions.

How to Programme Your Mind for Success Certificate

Your attitude will make a significant different in determining your success as a salesperson. This course will show you how to use goals, affirmations, meditation and other mental programming techniques to lift your mood and put you on the right path to success. You will learn why you need to programme your subconscious mind along with your conscious thought processes, why your goals need to be specific, how to take a constructive attitude towards failure and how to see the positive side in almost any situation. With practice, you can set yourself up for continual success, which will translate into more sales.

Skills to Succeed at Selling Certificate

This course addresses the steps salespeople take when building a relationship with a customer, offering them the best solution for their needs, negotiating terms and conditions and closing the sale. Selling is not a job that anyone and everyone can do; it demands a specific set of abilities. It outlines 10 distinct skills that you need to master and gives advice on how to become competent in each area. You will learn how to develop them with help from a mentor and why it is important to take regular, honest inventories of your strengths and weaknesses.

The Four P’s of Marketing Certificate

The Four P’s model is an excellent starting point if you are new to sales and marketing. Although it takes a long time to fully master the art of selling and promoting products, the Four P’s give you a reliable framework that will help you identify your target audience and drive revenue. The course will explain why the Four P’s carry such weight in the world of marketing, how they relate to one another and how to use them as the backbone of your next marketing plan. You will also learn how this framework can be applied during the early stages of product development.

The Benefits of Our Sales Bundle

  • By finding the right product and service for each client, you will increase customer satisfaction
  • By sharpening your sales skills, you will build profitable, long-standing relationships with clients
  • Your confidence as a salesperson will improve and you will find your job more satisfying
  • This bundle will be helpful to anyone in sales, whether they are new to the role or wish to build on their success
  • You will learn how to improve your conversion rate, thus increasing your revenue