The complete service based entrepreneurship course

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Course Description

We will start with what is entrepreneurship and dive deep into understanding the core mechanisms behind successful service based businesses. This course gives you a solid understanding of the core principles on which service based businesses work. You will learn to analyze each principle and will be able to decide how your business must be designed to create great value to the customers. We will start from the very basics and build upon it to learn all the fundamentals of service based businesses. You will learn to think from the first principles and will develop a curious bent of mind towards coming up with various service based entrepreneurship opportunities after this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The fundamental pillars on which successful service based businesses are built
  2. how do service based businesses interact with their customers to create an awesome user experience
  3. develop an entrepreneurial mindset where you will start to identify service based business opportunities from the daily problems you see around yourself
  4. Understand the underlying mechanism on which service based businesses work