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Course Description

The Purpose Of Life Is To Create Happiness
The goal in life is to create greater happiness.
We all know this truth deep in our hearts.

But how can we truly be happy if we are constantly experiencing this state called unhappiness?

The Creator's Meditation
The Creator's Meditation is a simple and deeply transformative technique which can help to achieve one's goal towards greater happiness. Although it is a technique simple to learn, the course is split into 22 days to go into each aspect of the practice in detail involving around 30-60 minutes of guided meditation each day as we progress.

Each day you will be taken deeper into the mind, and develop the knowing of who you are and how the mind works through actual experience. Realize that for us to transform our suffering states of mind, we first have to uncover them and know why it is there.

At the end of each practice there will also be a life section which will teach you how to apply what you have learnt in your meditation sessions into your life so one can build a better understanding of the relationship between the world within and the world outside.

This is not at a philosophical or religious technique, it simply works in the tradition of Vipassana which means to see the Truth through experience. Thus you are guided in the meditation to seeing the Truth rather than simply being told how the mind works, and at the end you will be taught how to use the meditation to transform the suffering states of the mind.

The goal is to truly release all negative states of the mind so that you do not have to experience it again.

You can try my other course - Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life - which uses the concepts taught in the Creator's Meditation in life. In this course you will learn how to use life experiences to transform the mind.



"This course is well worth taking. I've learned new techniques to meditate and the importance of stillness and a non judgmental mind. From today onwards I shall incorporate meditation and the teachings I've learned in this course in my daily routine and make it the foundation of my newly found life style. Thank You!" - Javier Sanchez


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Who this course is for:

  • People who have Fears and Negative States of the mind that they want addressed
  • People who wish to develop higher Knowing of who they are
  • People who wish to develop Higher levels of Inner Awareness
  • People who wish to develop higher level of Stillness

Course content

9 sections • 32 lectures • 19h 34m total length