The Descent To Compassion

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Course Description

The disciples walked with Jesus beyond the four walls of the temple and learned what sharing the Kingdom message was truly all about. In the Descent to Compassion Course, we will go beyond Sunday morning service, past evangelism projects, and out into the highways and hedges where life happens and does not stop for a 30-minute sermon. We will come along side of where Jesus is walking and working every day, desiring His people to join Him in the work.

Divine moments happen every day because God is always at work. Each and every day we get up, if we open our eyes, we can see Him – or we can blindly walk away. Through experiencing these moments of divine encounter, our lives receive fresh meaning. Living this kind of compassionate lifestyle keeps one other-focused instead of self-focused. Good works have been prepared in advanced for us, and the Lord is ready to lead us by the hand to discover where those works exist.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to recognise when God is at work in others and join him in the work
  2. How to live a life of radical compassion beyond the four walls of the church
  3. How to live a life of service instead of being served
  4. How to live a life of compassion verses condemnation
  5. How to truly see the harvest field that is ready to be harvested
  6. How to embrace the interruptions of God with excitement