The Divine Within You - 11 Steps to Inner Freedom

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Course Description

This Course is an invitation to Stay, to Allow, to Embrace, to Accept and to move Beyond illusion - simple, profound, intense, blissfully You <3

  • Are you passionate about diving deep within?

  • Is inner bliss your most cherished experience?

  • Is merging the Human and Divine your Soul's calling?

    This course has been designed to enhance your experience of homecoming, tapping into the inner reservoir of happiness and contentment. It uses a combination of ancient and modern practices, such as:

  • The powerful vibration of some less known Mantras from the Vedas;

  • The depth of Isness accessible through the New Energy practise of Conscious Breath Meditation;

  • The absolute merging of All, physical and non-physical, ancient and modern into the pure and perfect Now moment through Yoga practices.

It makes no difference whether you are a seasoned Meditation or Yoga practitioner or anywhere in-between.

This Course is a whole new experience in itself.

A graceful unfolding of the Love Affair between Human and Divine.

A seamless merging of All that You Are.

Expected Outcomes

  1. To merge Human and Divine within - Combination of Mantras from the Vedas; Conscious Breath Meditation; Yogic Practises