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When everyone is watching the BIG GAME, are you wondering what is going on? Or, are you into the game, cheering-on your favorite team as they 'drive' down the field to VICTORY?

To the 'newbie', Football can seem like a confusing mass of players just running into each other on the field. But, just learning a few simple things will help you understand and enjoy this Awesome Game!

This course is not filled with confusing statistics; it’s a fun and common-sense explanation of the basics of the America’s favorite game in simple, easy to understand terms.

This course is updated weekly with football tips, game and team information, football history and everything you will need to know to become an 'Armchair Quarterback'.

Since the the 1920's, American Football has gone through major updates to make it what it is today: THE NUMBER ONE SPORT IN NORTH AMERICA!


-You have a partner, family and friends who LOVE football and you want to enjoy it with them!

-You want to HAVE FUN with everyone else watching the 'Big Game'

You want to Be part of the Action!

The popularity of American Football has grown faster than any other sport. Around the world, Football games DOMINATE Saturday and Sunday television like no other event. Football is one of the few sports where the fans want to watch all of the games, not just their favorite team. Over the years, the rules, the uniforms and the players have changed, but football has never lost the magic that has made it the KING OF SPORTS!

When you learn these simple but important things about American Football,


-Impress your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend who thought you knew NOTHING about football!

-Impress your friends with your 'expert analysis' of the game

-Finally understand and enjoy the game!

If you want to get into the game, WATCH and LEARN AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course will teach a football novice the basics of the game.
  2. If you’re a long time fan, the daily updates will keep you “in the know” about team stats, rules, offensive strategies, defensive packages and everything you need to know and what you thought you already knew!