The Empowered Morning Routine for Doing Your Greatest Work

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I’m glad you’ve decided to become a self-empowered being.

  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Haven't got any significant results in pursuit of your goals?
  • Don't even know what you're supposed to do with your day?
  • Are you just getting started with personal development?

Whatever the case may be, you’ll definitely gain a lot of value from this course.

When we look at successful people and high achievers, then we only see what’s out there in the open – the results, the glory, the fame. But what we don’t see is the hard work and dedication that they’ve put in over the course of many years.

Truth be told, talent isn’t that important.

Successful people are successful because they follow certain habits and rituals that allow them to be successful.

  • They take care of their body and mind
  • They set clear goals for themselves and create systems for them
  • They prioritize the most important tasks and activities
  • They are constantly trying to improve themselves
  • They can focus and work on a single thing for long periods of time
  • They feel amazing all the while accomplishing their greatest results

That’s what this entire course will allow you to do – to optimize your daily routine by increasing your energy, self-awareness, productivity and creativity in problem solving.

My name is Siim Land - I'm a bestselling author, blogger, YouTuber, content creator and a high performance coach.

I’ll share with you the tactics, strategies and principles that I’ve picked up from the routines of other people and which I’ve used myself for years.

To be honest, this is the secret to my personal effectiveness and management.

Because of these routines and rituals, I’m able to maintain my focus, motivation and energy levels throughout the day while getting a lot of things done.

  • I wrote my first book in 30 days
  • I wrote 4 more of them in 2 months
  • I create content on social media consistently
  • I exercise and meditate despite my tight schedule
  • I live a stress-free life and I'm fully in control of my time

I’m not some sort of a genius nor have I accomplished something equal to the greats like Leonardo da Vinci or Michael Jordan, but what I do know is that these habits and secrets here work. And they can work for you too.

"If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Stay Empowered

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to optimize their morning routine
  • Creative people wanting to be more productive
  • Everyone wanting to increase their energy and productivity in the morning

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16 sections • 51 lectures • 4h 0m total length