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Think of your fitness as a destination in 3 months. Would you rather be somewhere sunny by a beach enjoying a beverage in a hammock. Or somewhere cold, icy and dark trying to stay warm. This in some ways is going to be how you will feel if you reach your goal every day will feel amazing. If your health declines every day will feel more challenging. You have two clear choices and very different journeys. Lets get you somewhere healthy and fulfilling and learn the skills to stay there.

The systems in this course have helped clients lose over 80lbs in less than 6 months without any ‘secret’ just showing up consistently, this client done 10 minute home dance video workouts because they were fun and didn’t feel like ‘hard work’ . There are ways to make exercise more enjoyable , also there are ways to make eating healthy easier and optimize your sleep too. With my 10 years of changing lives with clients I want to share this system with you and help you get to your goals.

Learn the goal setting skills for ongoing motivation, take the guides and video content on activity, nutrition and recovery actions and build your program out for success without restrictive dieting or constant exercise. This material even has 3 levels of intensity in the exercise library and free healthy recipes to try out. The first step really is investing in yourself and showing up to the program. IF you do this consistently your results and living life to the full will become a reality.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to use SMART Goal setting to stay motivated and avoid giving up
  2. Actions that can be taken in exercise, nutrition and recovery to reach goals easier
  3. How to build your very own program for success for sustainable progress
  4. How to perform home exercises safely and prepare healthy recipes using the attachments