The Gluten Free Sourdough Masterclass

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Course Description

Delicious GF sourdough breads, baguettes, brioches, doughnuts and crackers are all within your reach!

Do you worry about your GF starters and leavens?

  • Are you frustrated by inconsistent/unpredictable behaviour?

  • Do you know how much starter to use to make a leaven?

  • Can you handle the time and temperature ‘levers’?

  • Do you know the Four Pillars of gluten free baking?

  • Can you modulate hydration and binders to achieve different crumb effects?

If not, then you are going to love this Masterclass.

If your only wish is to bake more beautiful, authentic, artisan breads with gluten free sourdough leaven, the recipes on this course will make you love it too.

And if you want to know the secret of developing recipes specifically for sourdough gluten free … then get enrolled now!

In Part One of the Masterclass, we cover:

  • the fundamentals of fermentation

  • how to build and maintain your brown rice, sorghum, teff, or buckwheat starters,

  • how to turn starters into leavens

  • young, ripe and old leavens

  • when to refresh and what to do with discard

  • the crucial relationship between time and temperature

  • the four leaven levers

  • a recap on the basics of gluten free baking: rise, bind, balance and blend

In Part Two, we dive into a series of original vegan and dairy sourdough recipes:

Sunflower Sour (vegan or dairy)

Cheese & Chilli Baguettes

Vegan Almond Baguettes

Dairy and Vegan Brioche

Dairy and Vegan Doughnuts

Dairy and Vegan Cinnamon Squiggles

Sourdough Chocolate Heaven (vegan)

Focaccia Art (vegan)

Beetroot & Buckwheat Boule (vegan or dairy)

Crackers (vegan)

In Part Three, we share our secrets! How to use the Four Recipe Levers to create the texture of crumb and crust that you desire…every time.

How we teach:

Our approach is always friendly, practical and hands-on and, wherever possible, more showing than telling. This is not the place to overwhelm you with the (considerable) science, but to give you the benefit of all the know-how we’ve acquired after 12 years teaching and decades more of baking.

We spare you the fails, and share the secrets of all our successes. It’s win-win.

We also provide useful practice exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge.

At The Artisan Bakery School, we believe that baking your own naturally gluten free sourdough bread is fundamental to improving your personal health and happiness. Making great starters and leavens is the base of all that.

This courses empowers you to:

  • understand your starters

  • leverage your leaven

  • bake wonderful breads with true confidence

  • troubleshoot problems

  • measure your progress from amateur to amazing

  • create your own recipes

We can't wait for you to join us!

5-STAR REVIEWS for our other GF courses

Kara Mitchell

I liked this course a lot because every details was accounted for with explanations, every time I thought, but why ? there would be an answer :) My type of learning - thank you

Adrienne Paciera

Updated 10 days ago

The teacher is precious. The pace is great. I wish we would have had the hint to print the guides/ resources first though

Hailey Andler

Penny is the absolute best! She is adorable and thorough and incredibly helpful. My sister and I have been working through these recipes diligently and are convinced she should adopt us. Dragan and Penny have done such a great job setting this up. One tip: read the recipes and watch the videos simultaneously and take notes there is often someone you miss in one that gets filled in in the other.


Translate - Курс прекрасный, очень подробный. получила новые знания о различных видах безглютеновой муки. очень подробно и понятно объясняется весь процесс приготовления закваски. интересные варианты безглютеновых смесей. пока только изучаю теорию, но видео с хлебом и пиццей такие вкусные, уже очень хочется попробовать приготовить! Хочется сказать огромное спасибо создателям курса за прекрасную душевную атмосферу на всех видео и глубокие полезные знания. Купила еще один курс этой прекрасной пекарской школы! На сайте школы увидела фото свадебного хлеба, хотелось бы научиться такому мастерству тоже!

Emily Niedoba

Updated 18 hours ago

As a traditional hearth bread baker, this course has opened my eyes to all of the flours I haven't been playing with yet!

Hind Mahroug

Updated 3 days ago

Thank you it was amazing course <3


Updated a month ago

It was very well presented, clear explanations. Can’t wait to start baking bread.


Updated 22 days ago

ottimo! Questa signora è molto simpatica e spiega molto bene

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to bake naturally gluten free sourdough breads, baguettes, brioche, focaccia, doughnuts (!) and crackers.
  2. Top tips for building starters and a starter fitness test
  3. Handle young, mature and old leavens with the four leaven levers.
  4. The secret to recipe creation and the four recipe levers.