The Hodgepodge Formula to Enjoyable Employment!

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Course Description

This course has been nearly 20 years in the making. It introduces a revolutionary ‘learning model’ to make you aware of your own development and the hodgepodge of unique and motivated skills, abilities, interests, experience, and passions that only you possess.

More importantly, my formula will show you how to use your uniqueness to find enjoyable employment, at the right level and pay through-out your career.

To gain a better understanding of this course and the problems that it solves, please consider the following:

Every individual of working age is good at doing something and so are you! Most likely you would better perform a job where your skills, abilities, experience, and interests are fully utilized.

On the other hand, employers desperately need: motivated, committed, happy employees, but still struggle with improving employee productivity and morale.

This learning model will change most of what you have traditionally learned about yourself, skills, abilities, networking, resumes, cover letters, and jobs!

You will learn a new way via: assignments, examples, downloads, video testimonials, and articles; to assess yourself, introduce or present yourself, and understand the new purpose of the resume and cover letter. Additionally, you will also be a more productive and happy worker! Enjoy!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Recognize and understand 'learning', your growth and development but, more specifically how to find enjoyable employment at the right level and pay!
  2. Assess yourself in a way that will be actual, factual, demonstrable, and creditable, that will lead to enjoyable jobs.
  3. Use a different way to: Introduce and present yourself with confidence, network, develop a resume and cover letters based on the new learning model.
  4. Find enjoyable jobs based on their hodgepodge of unique skills, abilities, experience, and passion.
  5. Tell anyone what you want to do, know how to do, so they will think of enjoyable jobs you can do at the right level and pay!
  6. Understand and use the 'Hodgepodge Formula' to network your way to enjoyable employment through-out your career.
  7. Understand the new purpose of the resume and cover letter, and know how to develop each.
  8. Recognize and understand words not to speak or use in a resume, during your job search.