The Joy in Laughter

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Course Description

This six-video course will empower you to live in the freedom of God's perfect love. Kristina Waggoner was transformed when she encountered the power of joy and laughter. Now she teaches all over the country about how joy and laughter bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

God created you to be happy and release joy through your life. Joy will transform your life and give you strength that you have never known.

Video 1: What the Bible Says About Laughter

Video 2: Laughing at Your Problems (Putting Your Problems in God's Hands)

Video 3: The Healing Gift of Laughter

Video 4: God Wants You Happy

Video 5: Our Identity and Spiritual Warfare through laughter

Video 6: Repairing the Ruined Cities of our lives with laughter

Each section ends with a quiz to help you remember key insights and each section has an awesome lifestyle activation to help you grow in joy in your daily life.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Laughter is free
  2. Laughter is a gift
  3. Anyone can laugh
  4. Laugh at your problems and worries