The Karma Oracle Cards: Supporting your Intuition

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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to see what's energies are affecting your day today?

Or you maybe your interested in seeing what's affecting a specific area of your life, maybe to do with romance or money for example?

Well now you can, with this short course you can turbo charge you intuition with my new virtual deck of Oracle cards, included FREE with this course.

That's right, if you have a Personal Computer running the windows operating system, you can download and use this new deck of Oracle cards for free and turbo charge your intuition today!

(You can also download the card images, in case you don't have a windows PC)

I’ve designed this course for anyone looking to increase and support their intuition and interested in seeing how the past is affecting their present.

You'll love my new Oracle cards, they're amazingly simple and yet amazingly powerful.

In this course, you'll discover practical advice so you can successfully see what energies or vibrations are effecting you in any situation of your life and how they're connected to your past.

This course is very hands-on. Its part theory but mostly practical so you get to benefit from doing your very own card readings.

How would you like to discover what's blocking you from manifesting your own true desires.

Yes, to see the actual energies in play behind the scenes and the original causes.

The ideal student for this course is anyone looking to improve their life, by increasing their intuition and awareness.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be able to clearly explain what Karma is and how it affects the present
  2. Be able to perform an Oracle card reading with the Karma Oracle cards
  3. Be able to protect their Vibrations or Energies from outside influences
  4. Become more aware of what's energies are affecting them during the day