The Life Upgrade: Transform, Achieve Goals & Live Happily

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Course Description

This course will teach you to take control, replace poor habits with winning ones, transform to an optimised way of living and upgrade your life to the next level. You will master concepts that increase your income, productivity, health and happiness.

If you have a plan you can make it happen. But where do you start? Consider this course a mental guide book for getting what you want, with powerful lessons compiled from years of personal development research and private coaching.

There are no quick fixes or get rich quick schemes- the truth is you get the life you deserve. It does take some work but it's totally worth it.

We give you the action points, advice, mindset, drive and enthusiasm to start creating an amazing life for yourself and the people you love straight away. We even give you happiness hacks to keep you motivated while you do it!

Lectures are presented in a logical, straightforward and easy to follow style, with eye-catching images and short end of section quizzes to make sure you’re absorbing the knowledge.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Ignite a passion to upgrade your life to the next level
  2. Accelerate towards a healthier, wealthier and happier way of living
  3. Achieve ambitious goals with focus and planning systems
  4. Unleash the power of your determination with productivity tools
  5. Master your finances and plan for wealth
  6. Eliminate negative influences and distractions to surge forward
  7. Explore the benefits of confidence exercises to dream big and act decisively
  8. Develop beneficial sleep habits to prepare the brain for high performance