The Lost Goddess; An Exploration of Herstory

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Course Description

For nearly 30,000 years the primary concept of the Divine was feminine in form. Join us on this walk through HERstory as we take a multidisciplinary approach and examine the META myth to uncover the mysteries of the disappearance of the Goddess culture and the rise of the patriarchal model of society.

This course is comprised of a series of slides and lectures and includes:

  • Over twenty lessons (Approximately 2 hours)
  • Links to video interviews with experts in mythology and archaeology (Each video is approximately one hour long)
  • Lecture handouts for printing and note taking
  • Links to resources (Audio of the story "Math son of Mathonwy" or read the story approximately one hour)
  • A List of resources
  • Audio/visual recital of myths
  • An Audio/visual Goddess Meditation

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify Joseph Campbell's four types of Goddess Sublimation myths
  2. Categorize particular myths according Joseph Campbell's four types of Sublimation myths
  3. Compare and contrast common definitions of myth with Joseph Campbell's broader definition of myth
  4. Deconstruct myths in order to comprehend the "meta -myth"
  5. Identify Goddess symbols cross culturally in both myths and archaeological artifacts
  6. Think critically, compare and contrast, ancient mythology with current mythological paradigms
  7. Explain the process of the changeover between ancient matriarchal / partnership model societies to patriarchal / dominator model societies
  8. Explain Raine Isler's definitions of "partnership model" vs "dominator model" societies
  9. Explain Joseph Campbell's four functions of myth