The Marriage Masterclass

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Course Description

Congratulations on deciding to get married! You are about to enter into the most exciting adventure of your life.

Without doubt your marriage is the greatest investment you will ever make. And you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to make it happy, successful and rewarding.

Many couples spend hundreds of hours planning their wedding, but very little time planning their marriage. So before the big day, here is an opportunity to sit together and reflect on what it is that you want from your marriage.

"The Marriage Masterclass" helps you think about your marriage, what you want it to be and what you want to be for each other. Unlike most marriage preparation courses, you can do this course in the privacy of your own home without having to share your thoughts about your relationship with strangers.

Conducted by experienced marriage coach and wedding celebrant, Jonathan Payne, who has worked with hundreds of couples over some 20 years, "The Marriage Masterclass" is fun, informative, thought provoking and inspiring. Exactly what you need before the moment you say "I do".

(And of course if you are already married, this course will give you the chance to think about your relationship and give it a few "touch ups" to ensure it remains the happy, loving, rewarding experience you deserve).

Expected Outcomes

  1. Find out what makes a marriage really work
  2. Learn the tips that successful couples apply to keep the relationship sparkling for years
  3. Discover how to make your differences your strength
  4. Master the one critical skill on which all marriages succeed or fail
  5. Understand how to enjoy really great arguments
  6. Know why the family you grew up in is part of your marriage
  7. Find out how you grow with your relationship