The New You - Charismatic Personality Development

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Course Description

Your attitude decides your altitude and all the power is within you. Arise, Awake and Stop Not till your goal is reached, the above statement is absolutely true for the one who wants to achieve success even when the whole world is against him.

“The New You” is for the success addicts and the course will help the addicts to achieve success using powerful tools and techniques that are time tested, thought tested and result tested.

After attending this course :

You can

  • Face any challenges

  • Handle any situation

  • Manage all kinds of people

  • Achieve your goals

  • Mentor others and make them successful

  • Achieve happiness, peace, joy and wealth abundance

  • Be stress free

  • Lead a holistic life

Success is Yours.

You Can. You Will. You Must.

time is RIPE for Your Success

Expected Outcomes

  1. 1. In this course you will be able to understand how “Charisma” helps you to position yourself as a top performer in all walks of your life
  2. 2. You will learn 11 Power Principles to develop charismatic personality
  3. 3. You will learn tips and tricks to manage challenging situation, people, task and responsibilities
  4. 4. You will learn how to apply these 11 principles in your real-life situation and convert problems into opportunity
  5. 5. You will learn how to be stress free, how to relieve you from negative conditioning and how to avoid negative people
  6. 6. You will learn how to overcome your current blocks in your performance, competence and goals