The Oil Painting Process

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Course Description

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“This is an amazing course…This course has filled in all the gaps of knowledge that we know exist but don't know where or how to find the answers. This is THE foundational course we have all wanted and searched for.“ - Josh F.

This is an extremely comprehensive 5-hour long online painting class with a focus on the construction of an oil painting and the process of layering paint rather than actual brushwork and design. To truly master oil painting, it’s important to have a strong foundation; to thoroughly understand your materials and their proper usage. You have to know how to build a sound substructure or base, and then apply the paints in such a way as to ensure decades of life for the painting.

In this comprehensive course, students are taken step-by-step through topics such as supports, sizing, grounds, an imprimatura, the underdrawing, the underpainting, upper layers of paint, and varnish. Each layer is explained thoroughly and clearly, and then followed up with related demonstrations so that students can follow along.

The goal is for:

  • Students to come away with a clear understanding of oil painting materials and how to build a stable painting;

  • To help those who felt intimidated by oil painting to feel that it’s approachable;

  • Experienced painters who have gaps in their knowledge to gain a more thorough understanding.

Includes over 40 student resources.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to create a stable, long-lasting oil painting.
  2. The various support options plus their pros and cons.
  3. Why sizing is necessary and how to apply it.
  4. Clarity on the different types of gesso and how to apply each.
  5. How to mount a canvas to board or panel.
  6. Methods for creating a colored ground.
  7. What an imprimatura is and how it’s beneficial.
  8. Methods for applying an imprimatura layer.
  9. Different approaches to an underdrawing.
  10. Understanding of what oil paint is made of and how it dries.
  11. Clarity of the fat-over-lean rule for layering.
  12. Different ways to approach an underpainting.
  13. How the upper layers of paint are related to creativity.
  14. How several Masters approached the upper layers.
  15. What varnish is and how to apply it.