The Power of Reading Picture Books to Young Children

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Course Description

This course demonstrates how reading aloud to children dramatically improves their likelihood of future academic success. Learn about some of the finest children’s literature available, and download a searchable list of over 450 picture books (of which 90 are modeled in the course). Learn reading strategies to maximize children's engagement and cognition. Learn how working with a children’s librarian can minimize the purchase of books that do not match childrens' interests. As a Montessori teacher, the instructor discovered that her frequent use of the public library improved the reading scores of her students. This course can benefit parents, teachers and caregivers.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How reading dramatically impacts future academic success
  2. Learn the many strategies for improving vocabulary through reading aloud
  3. Learn strategies for reading to infants and toddlers
  4. How reading picture books develops cognitive thinking and memory skills
  5. How to select the highest quality books for your child
  6. How to determine which books match your child’s age and cognitive level
  7. How libraries can be used to select a broad range of books that interest your child
  8. How reading can enhance your child’s social development