The Rules of Indices for A-Level Maths

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Course Description

Indices is a perfect first course for any Edexcel AS-Maths or Edexcel A-Level Maths students! It is great to refresh from iGCSE or GCSE Maths and take the first steps in your A-Level Maths journey!

All the modules in Indices are broken down into small baby steps to help new A-Level Maths students adjust to A-Level style questions. The Indices course also includes a downloadable workbook with 14 Edexcel Maths A-Level exam questions on Indices.

  • We start each new module in Indices with a clear and easy to follow video tutorial with lots of examples.

  • After the video we give you a small quiz to check you understood the new topic.

  • After the video and quiz you are ready to complete a new section in your Indices workbook. Remember to check your answers against the model solutions!

  • All done?!? Move onto the next module! There are 7 modules to complete in Indices.

By the end of the course Indices you will be able to tackle any question that comes up in your A-Level or AS-Level maths exam. After all, you have already completed 14 exam questions in your workbook and 19 exam style questions in the quizzes! the next course in the series is Surds. Check it out!

We hope you love the course Indices! Contact us with any questions and please leave a review!

Lots of Love,

Sophie xoxox

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