The Self-Confidence Playbook: Loving Your True Self

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Course Description

One powerful predictor of how much self confidence you have is your ability to love your authentic self. This course teaches skills and behaviors to boost your level of self love. There are many reasons you may not love yourself as much as you could, but because self love is learned as a result of your experiences, and how you interpreted these experiences, your lack of self love can be unlearned, and substituted with new behaviors and beliefs that boost your self love, self confidence, and happiness.

In this course, you will:

· Discover possible reasons you might not love yourself.

· Learn how knowing your strengths builds self-love.

· Discover the destructive power of your negative beliefs.

· Learn a powerful mirror exercise to boost your self- love.

· Discover how to change your childhood negative beliefs.

· Learn how to deal with perfectionism.

· Discover how people- pleasing damages your happiness and self-love.

· Discover the factors that keep you from loving yourself fully.

· Learn the two words that make you easy to manipulate.

· Learn why worry kills self-love.

· Discover which emotion has the lowest emotional vibration.

· Discover how to change your childhood negative beliefs.

· Learn how to deal with perfectionism.

· Learn how to handle self-doubt and keep your personal power.

· Identify who is on your "committee".

· Learn the traits of introverts and extroverts.

· Discover how introverts and extroverts differ in their friendship preferences.

· Learn how to identify the toxic friendships in your life.

· Learn why you can't avoid negative thoughts.

· Discover a powerful strategy for dealing with negative thoughts.

· Learn how de-selfing hurts your ability to love yourself.

· Identify the many parts that make up "you".

· Learn how to discern your current life purpose.

You'll also have access to the following downloadable materials:

· Downloadable Pre-Test and Post-Test to measure your current levels of self-love.

· Downloadable practice materials to discover your strengths and boost your self -awareness.

· Downloadable worksheet on the causes of your lack of self-love.

· Downloadable worksheet to identify your "committee" members.

· Downloadable guide to an online test to discover your temperament.

· Downloadable Gratitude worksheet to reroute your thinking toward the positive.

· Downloadable worksheet to help you discover your life purpose.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Enjoy more self confidence, self respect, self love.
  2. Feel more self compassion and focus on your own happiness.