The Strange Pull of What You Really Love

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Course Description

Are you a young adult who is beginning to make decisions about the path you are going to take in life? Are you not entirely sure which path is for YOU? Are you bombarded with well-meaning adults, friends, and media who believe they know the path you should take? Let me help you discover who you are and what your unique path is.

The Strange Pull of What You Really Love is a self-paced video course for young adults who are ready to begin creating a UNIQUE path for their life. Simple exercises and entertaining stories take you on the journey of discovering your authentic self and teach you to use what you uncover to set a unique direction for an exceptional life. You will learn what you are most passionate about, where your greatest talents lie, how you want to impact the world, what success looks like to you, and what brings you the most happiness.

The Strange Pull of What You Really Love is ideal for any young adult who is making decisions about college, career, or their future. In the past, people waited until the dreaded midlife crisis to realize that they had been living a mediocre life that was not of their choosing. Many years, and self-help books later, they step into a life that is aligned with their authentic self, a life that is exceptional. But today’s generation need not wait! Today’s young adults are beginning to understand that their choices can be their own. Right from the start. The Strange Pull of What You Really Love is exactly the kind of guidance you need to make these choices.

And once you discover your unique direction, grab a copy of my book My Life, My Way to discover dozens of practices that help your follow that direction.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will discover their authentic self and be able to set a unique direction for their life!
  2. You will feel empowered to pick a major or a job that is right for you!