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· Develop Social and Effective Communication Skills

· Learn Childhood Roots to Low Self-Esteem

· To Love Your Body and Embrace the Imperfections

· To Stop Caring so Much About What People Think

· Enhance and Appreciate Your Strengths

·Stand Bold and Unapologetic in Who You Are

· Develop A Healthy Self-Image

· Change Negative Self-Talk to Positive Self-Talk

·Value Yourself and Cultivate Self-Love

·Learn to Manifest The Best Version of Yourself

Expected Outcomes

  1. Develop a Confident Self-Image, Cultivate Self-love, Identify Childhood Roots to Low Self-esteem, Eliminate Negative Self-talk, to Handle Mistakes with Self-Compassion, to Respond to Criticism without Losing Their Self-esteem, to Create A positive Mindset, and Effective Communication Skills.
  2. To Build Confidence and Self-Esteem