The Ultimate Disruption Playbook with Charlene Li

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Course Description

Most people don’t like to change: they like things to stay the same. But as a Disruptor, you are wired differently. You walk on the knife’s edge because it makes you stretch and grow. And you want to lead organizations and teams capable of executing a disruption strategy. You have what I call a high “Disruption Quotient” or DQ – the desire to formulate and execute a disruption strategy that results in breakthrough growth.

But the desire to be disruptive alone isn’t enough. To be truly disruptive, you must have a strategy for disruption, a plan to identify and seize an opportunity that no one else has the audacity or confidence to reach for. Disruptors don’t just blow things up – they also create and build things that result in huge, positive change. What is truly disruptive is the breakthrough growth that Disruptors create.

Disruption is not an absolute, but rather, a continuum of skills that can be developed to transform a legacy business into a frontrunner. It’s deceptively simple. In The Ultimate Disruption Playbook with Charlene Li you will learn how to:

  • Create a coherent disruption strategy that will align your organization.
  • Align that strategy with a vision of how you will serve your next-generation customer.
  • Create a movement with groundswell leadership, to energize and sustain your efforts.
  • Transform your culture into an engine that will power your disruption strategy.

I have been in the business and technology space for 25 years, and have had a front row seat during some of the most seismic changes in our society. But I’m not just an analyst or bestselling author. I’ve worked in disrupted industries like newspapers and founded a disruptive analyst firm. As a result, this is not another course that serves as a rallying cry to “Disrupt or Die!”. Rather, this course is a preview of my upcoming book and provides an actionable framework, built on research and experience, and coupled with real examples and pragmatic activities to help you build your own disruption strategy.

This course is filled with case studies and activities to help you build your own disruptor’s agenda. This will range from identifying the next generation customers that will guide your strategy to identifying the cultural beliefs that hold you back from being more disruptive.

Put your disruption desires to work. Create breakthrough change and growth in your organization.

See you inside the course today.

Who this course is for:

  • Disruptors. These are people who have an itch they need to scratch to create exponential change, growth, and value in their organizations. They see an opportunity, but they don’t know how to approach it. They hear the word “disruption” and get excited.
  • Leaders. These are people who see both the potential and the threat of disruption. They know they have to drive growth, but they see no way forward. They hear the word disruption, and their palms get sweaty. They aspire to become the Head of Strategy, VP of Customer Experience, or VP of Marketing at the organization of their choice.
  • While the course does not target any industry, students working at a more traditional, slower-moving company would benefit most from this course. Students at a fast-moving, entrepreneurial company would also benefit as they will be able to push the outer edges of disruption.

Course content

5 sections • 34 lectures • 1h 25m total length