The Ultimate Microsoft Office 2016 Training Bundle

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Course Description

** We've crammed 9 courses into this amazing Microsoft Office bundle. Unlock the secrets of Office 2016 or 365 with this 60+ hour mega-course. Practice exercises included**

Master the Ins and Outs of Microsoft Office and Boost Your Productivity

This 10 COURSE BUNDLE includes:

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 (beginners) - learn the basics of spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 (intermediate) - take those spreadsheet skills to the next level

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 (advanced) - master spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Word 2016 - master documents

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - master presentations

  • Microsoft Access 2016 - master databases

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Excel - master spreadsheet automation

  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 - Master e-mail and calendar management

  • Macros and VBA for Beginners (added March 2021)

  • OneNote Desktop and Windows 10 (added March 2021)

Over 500, 5 Star Reviews:

"Undoubtedly, this course covers a wide range of topics done in an extremely professional manner. This is worthy of every second and penny I invested in it. It helped me understand various contours of Microsoft Office." - Muhammad Bashir

"Very clear and thorough. Super for beginners." - Anna Wyk

"This is what I needed and what I was looking for. Excellent course." - Roberto Regalado

"My experience with this course was absolutely beneficial to me. The lecturers are so good at explaining the course and not forgetting the exercises they set up for you is amazing it really helps and it gives you experience as you go along with them." - Jennade Ramruthen

Improve Efficiency with Microsoft’s Premier Office Management Software

Designed to help you accomplish office tasks easily and with greater efficiency, Microsoft Office is the choice of many office professionals. If you're working in an office, you'll likely need to use the Microsoft Office suite and it's likely you're working for it, rather than having it work for you. Turn that around today and finally learn all the deep, dark secrets of Microsoft Office from these 8 courses in one bundle.

Master Microsoft Excel, start at the beginning if you're brand new to spreadsheets or pick up at Intermediate or Advanced level. For those looking to go beyond normal data analysis, you'll learn how to handle databases using Microsoft Access or automate mundane tasks in Excel using VBA.

If that wasn't enough this bundle will teach you how to utilize PowerPoint to create stunning presentations, use Microsoft Word to create documents that inspire and make administration a breeze through learning about mail merge.

** Recently added - unlock the power of Microsoft Outlook 2016 and dramatically improve your productivity and sanity through a clear inbox.**

Bundle Overview

This course is designed for individuals and office professionals who need to master the capabilities of the 2016 or 365 editions of Microsoft Office. With more than 60 hours of video lectures across 8 courses, this course will help you master MS Office 2016, reduce your MS Office frustration and help you claw back the precious time you spend getting lost in these powerful business applications.

  • Excel 2016 Beginning/Intermediate: Create basic spreadsheets and use formulas for tracking expenses.

  • Excel 2016 Intermediate: Use complex formulas and perform data analysis on your organization’s revenue and expense patterns.

  • Excel 2016 Advanced: Take your Excel skills to the ultimate level with advanced charts, graphs, formulas, and data analysis.

  • Word 2016: Create documents, embed videos, and set up online collaboration on joint projects for school or work.

  • PowerPoint 2016: Make impactful presentations for your next business meeting using animation, audio/video, and collaborative tools.

  • Access 2016 for Beginners: Become a master of data management, customer tracking, and buying patterns.

  • Microsoft Essential VBA for Excel: Learn how to automate repetitive and time-consuming Excel procedures and operations for maximum efficiency.

  • Master Microsoft Outlook 2016 the Easy Way: Introductory course on email efficiencies to help clear the email clutter and gain control of your inbox.

  • Macros and VBA for Beginners (added March 2021): Learn to create your first Macro and perform basic VBA in Excel

  • OneNote Desktop and Windows 10 (added March 2021): Learn all about using OneNote to store your notes and organize your life!

When you complete this course, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of workplace efficiency with the tools available in Microsoft Office 2016.

Why Take This Course

  • Optimize your productivity at work or in your own business.

  • Get noticed by your boss and earn the respect of your colleagues. Become the office superstar by being the go-to expert on everything related to MS Office 2016.

  • Amazing value 9-courses in one bundle. You get professional quality training at a fraction of the normal price.

Why Simon Sez IT for Microsoft Office?

  • We know Microsoft Office. We've been teaching it for over 10 years and your expert instructors have taught thousands of people to learn Microsoft products.

  • We don't rush through content. We take the time to ensure you understand important principles before moving on.

  • Follow along. We provide downloadable practice files so you can practice as you learn.

** Updated May 2018: Outlook 2016 course added**

** Updated March 2021: OneNote and Macros and VBA for Beginners added**

Expected Outcomes

  1. Discover new and improved features in Excel 2016.
  2. How to effectively use Excel 2016 on a touchscreen device.
  3. How create, save, and open a workbook.
  4. Learn how to personalize your use of Excel using Excel Options.
  5. How to use and how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
  6. Complete data entry, cell formatting, working with multiple worksheets and the “Ribbon” interface.
  7. The basics of entering and editing data in a workbook.
  8. Learn practical methods in which you can backup and recover your Excel spreadsheets.
  9. Effectively use autofill and flashfill so you are more productive.
  10. Discover the essentials of using fomulas and functions.
  11. How to rename, insert, move, and reference an Excel 2016 worksheet.
  12. Discover how to create charts and graphs
  13. Learn practical methods to sort and filter your data
  14. How to protect and secure your Excel data
  15. Discover new features in PowerPoint 2016
  16. Learn presentation tips for an effective presentation
  17. Discover how to format text on a PowerPoint slide
  18. Learn how to insert shapes, graphics and pictures to add some "zing" to your presentation
  19. Add charts, graphs and tables to present information in a non-text format
  20. Wow your audience by adding animations, audio and video
  21. Discover practical tips to present your presentation to your audience
  22. Learn time saving techniques including how to copy slides, and exporting your presentation
  23. Customize PowerPoint for greater productivity by customizing the Microsoft Office Ribbon
  24. Master the most common uses of Word
  25. How to controlling page appearance including using columns, indents, footers, borders and watermarks
  26. Learn to create many types of documents
  27. How to create a mail merge
  28. Printing envelopes and labels
  29. Discover different page setup options
  30. How to protect your document from changes
  31. Learn how to spell check your documents
  32. Insert pictures and graphics in your Word document
  33. Discover how to insert and edit tables
  34. Using "Go To, Find, and Replace"
  35. How to create, save and open documents
  36. Learn cool tips and tricks in the Ribbon
  37. Discover common Excel hotkeys
  38. How to use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  39. Learn how to use popular functions
  40. Discover how to use named ranges
  41. Discover the power of Dynamic Formulas and how to use them
  42. Get advanced level tips for creating awesome charts and graphs
  43. How to work with and analyze your data using data slicers, PivotTables, Power Query and PivotCharts
  44. Setting up email accounts
  45. Using Outlook on a touch device
  46. Creating and sending email messages
  47. Organizing email
  48. Calendar appointments and attachments
  49. Create and manage meetings
  50. Adding email signatures
  51. How to archive email
  52. Spam and junk mail removal
  53. Creating and managing tasks and reminders
  54. Using the mail merge feature to import contact information to Microsoft Word
  55. Adding, managing and searching contacts in the address book
  56. Creating filters to automate incoming messages
  57. Practice what you learned with included exercise files